Help your house decorate itself with a curved mirror

02 Jan 2017 22:04

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's got the prettiest house of all?

Curved mirrors make excellent house decorations: instead of a little patch of the other side of the room, in all probability a blank wall at any given time (or your face when you're directly in front of it), they display the whole rest of the room in miniature. But they're expensive and selection is limited. Perhaps the benefit isn't obvious enough to justify a somewhat higher price to many consumers, or the bulge makes them hard to ship. The trick is to remember that most of the value of a fancy wall mirror is in, essentially, a big picture frame (and sometimes, the mountings for many little mirrors.) Find one you like, which is returnable if you find you can't use it. Look for a main mirror that is round, at least several inches across, set behind a bezel, and in a size for which there is a "truck blind spot" or curved "security" (not overly bulging and view-shrinking hemispherical) mirror available. Look for metal tabs that hold in the original round flat mirror, like a picture frame, and swap in the curved mirror. Work over something soft, like a soft carpet, or a bed with just the basic pad and sheet to not trap glass in the unlikely event of a mishap, and don't drop the finished project on its delicate bulge. If the curved mirror comes in a wraparound metal mount for a truck, you may need to proceed very carefully with metal-cutting tools to free it.

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