Synchronizing Sony Alpha Mirrorless Cameras

20 Dec 2015 20:02

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Sony mirrorless cameras - mostly the ones newer than the "NEX" series - take a two-stage wired remote whose connection can synchronize them by "plugging the cameras into each other." The remote itself is not needed, but a cheap aftermarket remote-connecting cord is an economical way to get the nonstandard micro-USB-like "multi terminal' connector. The cords' other ends can simply be coupled for a wide-base rig. To arrange the cameras closely with short sides together, if those have the terminals on them, (typically the left sides have the multi-terminals), remove the rubber boots by softening them with a little heat-too much or too long will damage the circuitry within-and gently picking them away, then use the original cables or other fine wires to pair up each of the contacts previously in use on each connector. Thread the double-ended male adapter through a gap in the Z-bar for closest spacing.

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