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Stereo Photography for the Digital Age - 05 Mar 2015 22:19

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[I]f your inclination is to champion lost causes, the case of stereo photography is ready-made for you. This lost pup, with us since the very beginnings of photography, continues to occupy a third-rate position in the photographic scheme of things. However, its intrinsic beauty, coupled with the fact that no other process can approach it for sheer realism, makes stereo a perennial favorite that will never quite fully leave the photographic scene; but it will never attain the pinnacle of acceptance that other photo processes have, and that's the pity of it all—it really is one beautiful way to present a photograph.

Excerpt from “3-D Updated”, Paul Farber, U.S. Camera & Travel…January 1966. Time for another update. - (Read more...) - Comments: 0

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